Window Tint


Next Generation Automotive Films

SolarFree’s flagship film series, Genesis, is an original and distinctive automotive film developed with film installers in mind. Genesis allows the most novice installer to produce professional results, due to its installer-friendly construction and aggressive mounting adhesive system. Its charcoal color allows it to match most factory-tinted vehicles and its enhanced glare reduction allows for a clear and comfortable driving experience. With a manufacturer’s backed lifetime warranty, Genesis is the clear choice for the everyday driver.


  • High Quality Extruded Dyed Construction
  • Signal Friendly/Enabling Capability
  • Charcoal Non-Reflective 2ply Design
  • Blocks 99% Harmful UV Rays
  • Aggressive Adhesive System
  • Factory Lifetime Warranty


Film Code: % Visible Light Transmittance % UV Rejection % Visible Light Reflection % Total Solar Energy Rejected
GNS05 5 99.9 7 48
GNS15 14 99.9 7 42
GNS20 21 99.9 7 38
GNS35 35 99.9 7 32
GNS50 50 99.9 7 28